Tracy Gallegos: Your Voice Can Make a Lasting Impact!

Tracy Gallegos Blue Lakes.  Kebler Pass. Uncompahgre Peak. Fossil Ridge.  These remarkable, wild places might not be as well-known as Colorado's famed Maroon Bells or Pike's Peak, but if you’ve visited the Grand Mesa, Uncompahgre, and Gunnison (GMUG) National Forest in Western Colorado, chances are you’ve come to appreciate and love them just as much. National Forests are managed by Forest Plans – complex documents that guide the management of a national forest regarding its resources, goods and services. They shape decisions and on-the-ground conditions for decades to come, making them incredibly important tools for addressing climate change [...]

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Thank you Senator Hickenlooper for closing oil and gas loopholes!

The oil and gas industry exploits a lot of loopholes in the federal leasing system – and one of the worst is the practice of non-competitive leasing. This backdoor leasing loophole lets speculators lease our public lands for next to nothing – just $1.50 per acre, much less than the usual rate at auction – and lets them buy up those leases behind closed doors without any public transparency. An astounding 40% of acres leased for drilling are sold through this process, and here in Colorado, tens of thousands of acres of public lands have been leased through this bad [...]

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Colorado Public Lands Day & Summer Events Preview Saturday, May 15

Colorado Public Lands Day & Summer Events Preview Saturday, May 15, 1:00 – 5:00 p.m., Lorax Trail, near Carbondale Come celebrate the 5th Anniversary of Colorado Public Lands Day and get a sneak preview of our 2021 Summer Events!  This is a roundtrip three-mile, easy-to-moderate hike, suitable for all ages. We’ll hike, then discuss summer events and advocacy opportunities over food and drink at the trailhead. To help us plan, please register in advance. Additional information will be sent in your confirmation email. In May 2016, Colorado became the first state in the nation to establish a state holiday for our public [...]

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Wilderness Workshop’s COVID-19 Field Procedures

*espanol en parte inferior Wilderness Workshop’s COVID-19 Field Procedures will be updated in accordance with the Colorado state guidelines as well as local public health ordinances. In the event of a cancellation, all registered participants will be notified via email A.S.A.P.  If you are feeling ill, have experienced symptoms of COVID-19 within the last 14 days, have a fever of over 100.4 degrees F, or have a suspected exposure to COVID 19 in the last 14 days, we ask that you please do not participate in our hikes or restoration projects for the safety of yourself, our staff, and [...]

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Bring Naturalist Nights home with you

Normally, the Third Street Center is a hub of energy on wintery, Wednesday evenings as our community gathers to learn from expert speakers, have meaningful conversations, and share tea and cookies during the Naturalist Nights speaker series. In 2021, Naturalist Nights is going virtual! Though we aren’t able to gather in-person, you can still expect the same educational, whimsical experience as you hear from our line-up of incredible presenters covering topics such as the massive 2020 fire season, Indigenous agriculture practices, and the elusive Canada lynx. To explore our 2021 speaker line-up and pre-register for each virtual event, visit the [...]

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Collaboration Was Key to Partial Hay Park Trail Restoration

What do you get when a horse, a shovel and a team of people wearing face masks walk into the forest? Trail restoration! This past weekend, we partnered the White River National Forest, Roaring Fork Mountain Bike Association, Roaring Fork Valley Horse Council, and Roaring Fork Outdoor Volunteers to improve the trail system in the Hay Park Area at the base of Mount Sopris. We completed restoration work to close an unauthorized route that led into the Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness Area, and improved the northernmost section of the Buzzard Basin Trail, which allows for a loop on the Capitol [...]

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Your “Vote for Public Lands” action guide

Your "Vote for Public Lands" Guide We’re in the final countdown to Election Day. Are you ready? We’ve compiled a checklist for voting to get you—and your loved ones—prepped for Nov. 3. We’re a conservation organization and, like you, we care deeply about protecting our public lands. We know there are a lot of issues to consider when casting your vote, but please remember to vote with our wild places in mind. We don’t get a second chance when it comes to protecting our planet.  ❱ Register to vote. In Colorado, you can register to vote in-person through [...]

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How to Heart Public Lands

Our public lands are something to celebrate everyday. Why? They are one of America’s greatest assets: our abundance of wild places. We’ve put together a list of ways you can engage with and help protect public lands—365 days a year. ❱ Help us pull barbed wire fencing on BLM lands at Sutey Ranch as part of our restoration project series. Left over from when the property was used for ranching, these fences prevent wildlife from moving freely and we’ll help to restore this critical piece of wildlife habitat. Register here. ❱Join us for a hike, restoration project or [...]

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Defiende Nuestra Tierra Program Reaches New Heights

Defiende Reaches New Heights For the past two winters, Defiende Nuestra Tierra has successfully organized several snowshoe outings that were well attended by the local community. Defiende members continue to ask when the next snowshoe outing will be, when the summer hikes start (July 19) and what our next adventure will look like. When Wilderness Workshop started Defiende, we hosted three community listening sessions to better understand how to authentically engage with our local Latinx community. We heard many voices, and earnestly started to think of ways we could break down some of the barriers our community shared with [...]

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30X30 (Spanish)

TREINTA PARA EL TREINTA Salva la naturaleza. Toma acción en contra del cambio climático. Read the english version >> Proteger a la naturaleza es una pieza clave en la solución climática. En recientes evaluaciones científicas encontraron que el 30% del planeta debería estar protegido para 2030, y todo esto sería, para salvaguardar la biodiversidad en contra de la amenaza del cambio climático. Inicialmente, se estableció un ambicioso plan conocido como el “Acuerdo Global para la Naturaleza”, y estas pruebas científicas están ganando terreno en los gobiernos de todo el mundo, comprometiéndose con este [...]

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