Alya Howe’s passion shines in her communication. Her growls, moans and sighs are the intersect of bedroom and barroom as she lays it all out. Her eyes invite. Her body, arms, head move with the power of her ideas and intentions.

That will show up in “Nature in Translation,” an outdoor dance performance traversing ancient, arid juniper-pinyon-sage forest. Choreographed into the land, the performance and live music move through and around the artwork of Charmaine Locke and James Surls. The event, commissioned by Wilderness Workshop, will take place on Locke and Surls’ Missouri Heights property.

“I have been talking to James and Charmaine for over a decade about doing a piece up there,” Howe said. “Their space is phenomenal, inspiring. I adore both of their works for different reasons, but they both speak to nature; consistent observation of nature; the archetypes that hold our environment, archetypes that speak to creation. For me, in dance, I like to align to the archetypes of what’s important in life.”

Wilderness Workshop has partnered with Howe on past events, including a poetry slam and a storytelling event. That’s allowed the organization to see firsthand how these aims connect with its core mission.

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