Target: Senator Cory Gardner

Action: Tell Sen. Gardner to call for Pendley to be removed from office


There’s a fox guarding the henhouse at the Bureau of Land Management. Acting BLM director William Perry Pendley is an ardent advocate for selling off our public lands, espouses radical anti-science and anti-conservation positions, has a web of connections to corporate polluters, and has a history of bigoted actions, among many other reasons he must be immediately removed from his position. Not only is Pendley unfit and unconfirmable, he likely is serving illegally as acting director of the agency that oversees the majority of our western public lands.

Yet the Trump administration is intent on giving Pendley control over our public lands – and they’re jumping through hoops to evade Congressional oversight procedures. First, Trump and Interior Secretary Bernhardt spent a year avoiding the Senate confirmation process by repeatedly appointing Pendley as “acting” BLM director, leading to multiple lawsuits (including one from the State of Montana) challenging the legality of this practice. Then, this summer the Trump administration nominated Pendley to the director position, only to withdraw the nomination weeks later due to widespread outcry. But Pendley is still serving as acting director, and we recently learned that Pendley himself took the legally dubious step of signing his own succession order, ensuring that he would stay in power without requiring Senate confirmation.

This is outrageous. Please call Senator Gardner and ask him to demand that Pendley be removed from office.

As acting director of the BLM, Pendley has spearheaded the chaotic and misguided reorganization of the agency’s headquarters, refused to act on climate change, ignored the input of local communities when it comes to how their public lands are managed, and leased hundreds of thousands of acres of public lands to the oil and gas industry. In our own backyard, Pendley’s BLM just opened the entire North Fork Valley to oil and gas leasing despite widespread community opposition.

Here in western Colorado, we know our public lands deserve better leadership. We’re grateful that Senator Bennet has been outspoken in calling for Pendley’s removal.

>>Please ask Senator Gardner to also stand up for our public lands and demand that Pendley be fired.