Target: Local BLM public land managers

Action: Tell the BLM to prioritize protection of wildlife habitat on Sutey Ranch

The BLM’s draft land use management plan for Sutey Ranch has three alternatives for management; and after receiving public comment, the BLM will choose one of those alternatives or a combination of them. Alternative 1 proposes to manage the Sutey parcel predominantly for the “benefit of wildlife and wildlife-related activities”, ensuring protection of wildlife by keeping the area distinct from the Red Hill SRMA, limiting mechanized and equestrian access to the north-side of the area, and completely closing the area to all human use from December 1 to April 15.

WW applauds the BLM for offering strong protections for wildlife under alternative 1, and we are asking you to encourage them to adopt this alternative. The need to protect wildlife habitat in the Roaring Fork Valley is greater now than it ever has been due to rapid development of valley-floor private lands that provide the best winter wildlife habitat, and ever-increasing recreational use of public lands.

Comments on the BLM’s Sutey Ranch Land Use Plan Amendment are due November 5! Please comment now and urge the BLM to prioritize winter wildlife habitat. We’ve put together some talking points to get you started.

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