A Carbondale rancher will be speaking this morning in the nation’s capital for the protection of the Thompson Divide in a hearing that is heavy with oil and gas industry officials.

Bill Fales will testify before the House Committee on Natural Resources in Washington, D.C. during a hearing entitled Opportunities and Challenges of Developing the Mancos Shale Resource. The discussion kicks off at 8:30 a.m. Tuesday and can be viewed at www.naturalresources.house.gov/live/.

It will be a profound change of scenery for Fales, who said he’s in the middle of a very busy time of the season and has spent the last week working long hours haying on his property.

“I got invited on Friday, so it’s been a little hectic,” he said Monday. “I think the majority of the committee and the industry has had this cooked up for a while now.”

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