Official: ‘Vast majority’ in support of canceling leases in Thompson Divide

Public comments on a Bureau of Land Management proposed action concerning contested oil and gas leases in Western Colorado continued to pour in at the Friday deadline, with the total topping 50,000.

According to David Boyd, northwest Colorado public affairs officer for the BLM, most of the responses were in favor of canceling leases in the Thompson Divide area.

“Around 99 percent are various email letters from various websites,” he said. “And the vast majority [of comments] are in favor of canceling leases in the Thompson Divide, or all the leases [outright].”

In November, the BLM released a draft environmental impact statement (EIS) that analyzed the leases, including 25 in the Thompson Divide. In the proposed action, alternative four, the BLM would either wholly or partially cancel the leases in the Divide, and modified 40 others to “provide different restrictions designed to mitigate impacts from oil and gas development.”

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