Keep Public Pressure on the Berlaimont Estates Project

Target: Public land managers at the Forest Service

Action: Ask the Forest Service to analyze and disclose impacts of trail and parking lot additions in a NEW Draft EIS for the Berlaimont Estates project.

The Forest Service is preparing to release a final environmental analysis and a proposed decision approving a new road to the Berlaimont Estates subdivision above Edwards. The project will result in significant impacts to wildlife and winter wildlife habitat, and the agency is now proposing new mitigation measures that it claims will reduce impacts. However, the agency has never disclosed or analyzed the efficacy of proposed mitigation, nor has there been a meaningful opportunity for public comment on these measures.

Please tell the Forest Service to consider these new mitigation measures in a new draft environmental analysis and ask for a meaningful opportunity to comment on that analysis. There is not an official deadline for comments on the new measures – the FS has simply said to submit them ASAP. We’re asking that you please submit your comments no later than Friday, August 31 to ensure that your voice will be properly and fairly considered.

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