Today the Forest Service released a draft decision to approve new road access for developers of the Berlaimont Estates subdivision on a Forest Service inholding high above the community of Edwards.

You’ve heard us talk about this proposal and, no doubt, helped us push back. The developer wants to build 19 new mansions in the middle of the national forest, and asked the Forest Service to approve a year-round access road across our public lands. If approved, this project will pave wild public lands to facilitate sprawl in the backcountry.

The road would cut right through some of the last best winter wildlife habitat in the valley, and it would reduce deer and elk populations that are already in tail-spinning decline. It would also put more people and expensive property into a fire prone landscape, creating a need to fight fire where none currently exists and creating a risk for first responders.

Importantly, the Forest Service’s decision isn’t completely final yet. There’s still time to push back.


1 | Submit a letter to the Eagle Co. Commissioners

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2 | Submit a letter to the editor to a local newspaper

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