A bill that, if passed, would allow access for mountain bikes into legally designated wilderness areas will be heard by the House Federal Lands Subcommittee Thursday morning in Washington, D.C.

House Bill 1349 is the latest attempt spearheaded by a California-based group called the Sustainable Trails Coalition (STC) to get Congress to amend the 1964 Wilderness Act, which prohibits any form of mechanized transportation in the country’s 756 legally designated Wilderness Areas.

Similar bills have been introduced over the course of the past few years, and, not surprisingly, wilderness advocates are opposed to the measure.

The bill is the brainchild of Ted Stroll, an attorney who founded STC in 2010 to try to get the various federal land-management agencies that administer the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail to loosen up what he considers to be overbearing regulations regarding mountain biking.

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