AGLE — After talking about potential fire dangers for 2018 and other White River National Forest topics, last week the Eagle County commissioners and officials from the Eagle Holy Cross Ranger District briefly discussed the controversial Berlaimont project at Edwards.

Berlaimont Estates is a 680-acre parcel of private property surrounded by U.S. Forest Service lands, located north of Edwards and west of the Berry Creek drainage. Owners Petr Lukes and Jana Sobotova have proposed 19 units and nine accessory units on 35-acre or larger parcels in the area.

The proposed development is classified as a use by right under Colorado law. Residential lots that equal or exceed 35 acres in size are exempt from subdivision regulation, and no public hearings about the land-use part of the proposal were required.

But the location of the property has launched a public process through the U.S. Forest Service. Because Berlaimont is an in-holding, the developers must build an access road through Forest Service land. The road development requires an environmental impact statement from the Forest Service, as well as a formal determination regarding whether the proposed 19-unit residential area is a “reasonable” use.

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