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Alexandra Lozier

Alexandra Lozier

Alexandra Lozier is an urban artist inspired by nature. Her work combines organic found objects and fabricated metal elements to preserve and display the most ephemeral aspects of life. Captivated with biophilia, she collects and composes items from nature in an attempt to observe universal mortality. She is not interested in re-creating the “likeness” of these specimens in her work, but rather in sustaining the fleeting beauty found in nature.

“I am the artist as alchemist,” says Alexandra, “transforming organic material directly into precious metal; breathing new life into organic specimens that would otherwise decay. As these specimens are taken out of context, I construct a home for them to live outside of their natural environment. They become objects of curiosity.” Her website is

Kiwon Wang

Kiwon Wang produces work based on the theme of “east meets west.” Paper meets silver, throw-away meets precious. She explores all these encounters through a provocative combination of material and form, using pearls and newspaper, adding gold to create new questions about the role of jewelry in the twenty-first century. “I address the precious within a throw-away Western culture,” says Kiwon.” In every step of my jewelry creation, I test eastern traditional boundaries and western modern boundaries in the realm of objects that adorn the body through contrast, tension, absence and presence as well as finding a new harmony. My work is a direct reflection of my experiences as an easterner who lives in the west.” Her website is

Kiwon Wang
Caro-Gray Bosca & Mary Hughes

Caro-Gray Bosca and Mary Hughes

They thrive on the 20-year collaborative energy of two unique individuals. Each brings a clear perspective as well as a shared aesthetic, and together they create delightful and personal works of art. This blending of strengths stirs the pot of their combined visions, creating an end result that is bolder and more imaginative than either might divine independently. “Our most inspired work comes from impromptu discoveries in everyday life. We are omnivores of the global kitchen. We find inspiration from places as disparate as Japanese tsuba from a NY flea market, patterns of Turkish rug at the Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar or a rusted steel bolt found on a walk in the woods. Sparkling gemstones hold equal sway to the earthiness of a wooden burl. Our work hints at something you might have seen, but it has been juxtaposed with an imaginative twist so that you are never quite sure where you might have seen it. We adore textures, manipulated.” Their website is

Tamika Knutson

Tamika joins us all the way from Canada. She grew up in the Yukon where moss and lichen are abundant. She is intrigued by moss and lichen because they help her imagine a miniature world unto itself, a whole ecosystem of fantastic colors, shapes and textures. She uses this influence to embody the essence of these lively ecosystems and bring their overlooked beauty into focus and onto the body.

“My aim with these jewelry pieces is to explore indigenous identity as a Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in First Nation while also bringing First Nation craft into a more contemporary space,” says Tamika. “The use of birch bark in my work symbolizes an historical exchange between nature and people, and the subjectivity of preciousness.”

Tamika Knutson
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