May 18 was the third anniversary of Colorado Public Lands Day, and we can’t help but reflect on the bounty of beautiful and diverse landscapes, endless backcountry recreation adventures, and economic opportunities that our public lands provide.

With an increasing population and millions of tourists flocking to our state annually to enjoy the outdoors, Colorado has both an opportunity and challenge to balance the myriad demands on and values of public lands.

By-and-large, our state sets an example among western states for thoughtful, well-balanced stewardship and management of public lands. Perhaps the best vindication of this thoughtful approach and commitment to keep our public lands in public hands and open for all to visit, use, and enjoy is the Outdoor Retailer Show’s 2018 decision to relocate to Colorado in response to decidedly un-thoughtful public lands policies in Utah.

One of the best opportunities for Colorado to continue this balanced, thoughtful approach is Congressional approval of the Colorado Outdoor Recreation and Economy (CORE) Act.


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