A Carbondale-based conservation group says it will appeal a federal decision allowing expansion of a compressor station west of that town due to concerns including potential leaks and other problems at the underground gas-storage field the station serves.

The Wilderness Workshop said Monday it has filed notice of its intent to challenge the Bureau of Land Management’s decision authorizing the addition of a new compressor to the Crystal River Compressor Station.

“Our goal is not to stop this proposed compressor from being built, because we understand the importance of reliable natural gas delivery to local consumers. But, in this case, BLM has not adequately considered or disclosed the potential impacts to health, safety, and the environment associated with the project — especially impacts from aging infrastructure in the Wolf Creek Storage Field,” the group’s staff attorney, Peter Hart, said in a news release.

The storage field is located in the national forest in the Thompson Divide area southwest of Glenwood Springs. It consists of seven wells, some dating back to the 1960s, used for injecting gas when demand is low and withdrawing it to meet high wintertime demand in the Roaring Fork and Eagle valleys.

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