Target: U.S. Bureau of Land Management
Action: Ask the BLM to conduct an Environmental Assessment (EA) on the proposed water monitoring wells for the limestone quarry in Glenwood Springs.

The BLM is conducting advance studies related to the proposed expansion of the Transfer Trail limestone quarry, prior to launching an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) process in 2020. One of these studies is about hydrology and groundwater, and the agency is currently accepting public comments prior to authorizing the study. Baseline studies are important for the BLM and the public to understand and properly analyze the resources that could be impacted by expanded mining operations. It’s critical that these studies are done right and allow for public review.

For this study, the mine operator, Rocky Mountain Resources (RMR) is seeking BLM approval to drill 5 water-monitoring wells, 125 to 250 feet deep, through the Leadville Limestone Formation, on the Transfer Trail mountainside. RMR proposes using the existing Transfer Trail roadway to access the well sites.

The BLM is asking for scoping comments on this proposal. Comments are due on Thursday, Oct. 24, and it’s important that they hear from as many people as possible. Please submit your comments TODAY.

As always, personalized comments that include your lived experiences, observations and effects on you individually are most effective. Please take a moment to personalize your comments before sending.