In response to objections filed earlier this year, the U.S. Forest Service is removing nearly 130 acres of aspens from a logging project east of Ruedi Reservoir and will limit the time trucks can use Frying Pan Road through Basalt.

District Ranger Karen Schroyer said Monday in the final decision for the Upper Fryingpan Vegetation Management Project that logging would be allowed on 1,631 acres, down from 1,759 acres previously planned.

She said the decision was based on conversations with Carbondale-based conservation group Wilderness Workshop and the Forest Service will not allow cutting on three units. In its objection to the plan, Wilderness Workshop previously asked for five aspen stands to be protected.

“It was based on their belief that those units are multi-aged stands and they didn’t need to be cut,” Schroyer said. “We don’t necessarily agree with their assessment of those stands, but we have come to realize we have more work to do together to learn more about aspen stands and aspen-stand management. We have agreed to some additional monitoring criteria for aspen-stand units that will be cut.”

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