The city of Aspen has reached settlement agreements with all opposers to Aspen’s two pending water court cases regarding its conditional storage rights on Castle and Maroon creeks, officials announced on Tuesday.

The next steps will be obtaining water court approval of the stipulations and entry of decrees continuing the conditional water rights for another six-year period.

The city since 1965 has held conditional water rights to build dams and reservoirs on the upper reaches of Castle and Maroon creeks. When the city applied for its every-six-years diligence filing in 2016 in water court, 10 parties, including environmental organizations, the Forest Service and Pitkin County and private landowners, challenged the extension of the water rights.

The city has been negotiating with the opposers ever since. The breakthrough came when the city agreed to transfer the storage rights — which may come in handy in a warmer, drier future — to alternate locations.


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