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Spruce Creek Addition

Dogged advocacy finally secured protection for this 8,000-acre jewel that was left out of the original Hunter-Fryingpan Wilderness

Spruce Creek Addition2018-05-19T22:06:56+00:00

Hidden Gems Campaign

Proposed wilderness designation for dozens of areas

Hidden Gems Campaign2018-05-19T22:08:51+00:00

WRNF Travel Plan

Capping a 15-year effort, obtained a more wildlife- and watershed-friendly plan governing all roads and trails on the Forest

WRNF Travel Plan2018-05-19T22:09:36+00:00

Protected from Dams

After two years of advocacy and work we signed an agreement that would result in the City of Aspen moving and downsizing its current water rights to build dams on Castle and Maroon Creeks. This win-win agreement guarantees that no dams will be built in these iconic valleys!

Protected from Dams2019-03-12T15:24:47+00:00

Oil Shale Lawsuit

Helped force a legal settlement with Dept. of Interior to revisit oil shale approvals; Colorado acreage subsequently reduced from 350,000 acres to 35,000 acres

Oil Shale Lawsuit2018-05-19T22:10:30+00:00

BLM Admits Leases Are Illegal

BLM reconsiders decision to sell 65 oil and gas leases on the White River National Forest based on years of legal advocacy by WW and partners

BLM Admits Leases Are Illegal2018-05-19T22:11:35+00:00

Hunter-Fryingpan Wilderness

A 10-year campaign culminated in the permanent protection of this 82,000-acre area

Hunter-Fryingpan Wilderness2018-05-19T21:45:24+00:00
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