Action: Call Senator Bennet and Representative Neguse

SENATOR BENNET  |  (202) 224-5852

REPRESENTATIVE NEGUSE  |  (202) 225-2161


Hello, my name is _________, and I live in ________, Colorado. I’m calling to thank you for your strong support of public lands and everything you have done to advance the CORE Act. Please continue your efforts to pass the CORE Act this year on the defense bill.

Additional talking points:

  • The Thompson Divide area of the White River National Forest is one of Colorado’s crown jewels, boasting nearly 200,000 acres of mountain peaks, clear trout streams, and aspen groves and known for its abundant wildlife habitat and wide range of outdoor recreation activities. The CORE Act would withdraw most of the public lands in the Thompson Divide area – ranging from Carbondale to Glenwood Springs, and south into Gunnison County along Kebler Pass – from future fossil fuel extraction or mining, and ensure that wildlife and opportunities for hunting, fishing and outdoor recreation are protected for future generations.
  • The CORE Act addresses the requests of citizens, numerous county commissions, municipalities, ranchers, hunters, recreationists and businesses throughout Colorado to safeguard historic sites, recreation areas, unspoiled wilderness lands, waterways and wildlife habitat across our state.
  • Importantly for communities in the Roaring Fork and North Fork Valleys, as well as the I-70 corridor, the CORE Act includes protections for close to 300,000 acres of land in the Thompson Divide and Continental Divide, preserving these areas for their agricultural, hunting, ecological, recreational and historical land use values.
  • Coloradans have a deep love and connection with their protected public lands and rivers.  They help ensure pure drinking water, healthy wildlife habitat, clean air, and outstanding recreation opportunities for future generations. These natural treasures create and support jobs, and keep local, rural economies thriving. And they help mitigate effects of climate change – improving carbon sequestration and preserving wildlife corridors.
  • This isn’t the first time an important public lands bill was paired with the NDAA in order to pass. The last major public lands bill to pass for Colorado – the Hermosa Creek Wilderness and Watershed Protection Act (in Southwest Colorado) – was passed in 2014 in the NDAA. This year’s NDAA gives Congress another chance to take up locally-driven bills that protect public lands in the Thompson Divide, Continental Divide, San Juan Mountains and Curecanti National Recreation Area.