From the Spring 2021 issue of Wild Works

Wilderness Workshop is a member of the People, Public Lands, and Climate Collaborative.

Wilderness Workshop is always looking for opportunities to raise the profile and leverage the impact of our work and collaboration and partnership are critical strategies in our efforts to protect public lands!  On any given day you’ll find us in meetings with the Forest Service and BLM and other non-profits about stewardship projects on public lands, inviting local speakers for Latino Advocacy Week, or recruiting state and national partners to bring added expertise and capacity to our priority work.

Our participation in a variety of coalitions informs and benefits our work and in many instances WW staff take on leadership roles within these groups, serving as conveners or connectors – the phrase “You know who you should talk with…” is common in many of our meetings! While you might be familiar with our leadership in coalitions to protect the Thompson Divide Coalition or pass the CORE Act, below we’ve highlighted some of the other coalitions we’re part of, what they’re working on, and how they help us achieve our mission.

These are just a few – we’re part of many other groups, both formal and informal, about legislative proposals, potential litigation, restoration efforts, wildlife habitat, and so much more. Our members often participate in some of these same coalitions and help identify opportunities for collaboration – don’t hesitate to reach out if you want to bring a group to our attention!

People, Public Lands, and Climate Collaborative – The Collaborative, formally launched in February 2021, is an informal network of US organizations who believe in the importance of a climate plan for public lands. It’s goal is to ensure public lands are part of a just and equitable climate change mitigation and adaptation solution. We were proud to join with the Collaborative in their first call to action – calling on the Senate to confirm Deb Haaland as Secretary of the Interior.

Keep the North Fork Fruitful – Historically, the North Fork Valley has been a coal mining and agricultural region closely tied to the boom-and-bust cycles of the coal industry. In recent years, it has successfully diversified with agro-tourism, renewable energy, outdoor recreation, and other local businesses. A broad range of people are working to develop community-driven solutions that embrace sustainable economic opportunities, foster a just transition away from extractive industries, and protect the natural environment.

Next 100 Coalition, Colorado Chapter – Our Defiende Nuestra Tierra program is a member of the Next 100 Coalition, which is committed to the establishment of a just and inclusive parks and public lands system. The Coalition believes an inclusive approach to public lands over the next 100 years must be driven by three principles: reflect the faces of our country, respect all cultures, and actively engage all people. Next 100 Colorado is working on a Statewide Outdoor Equity Policy, among other projects.

Eagle County Wildlife Roundtable – The Roundtable was formed in response to a precipitous drop in several populations of wildlife in the Eagle Valley and to “identify a shared vision and realistic actions to protect regional wildlife.” We’re engaging as part of our efforts to advocate for wildlife friendly policies and action on federal lands and view the Roundtable as a great example of a community recognizing the impacts of development and recreation on wildlife and the need for collaborative actions.