Target: Colorado’s Senators

Action: Call Colorado’s Senators and tell them to reject Trump’s infrastructure plan. Reach Senator Gardner at (970) 245-9553 and Senator Bennet at (970) 241-6631.

Key Messages:

I am upset and disappointed that Trump’s plan for improving our nation’s infrastructure would sacrifice environmental safety and public health. Please vote against any proposal that would weaken the public’s voice in making sure our natural resources are protected.

Trump’s infrastructure plan would allow oil and gas pipelines to be built through National Parks. Please do not prioritize big oil at the expense of our national parks. Instead, do the right thing and maintain the intent of why our national parks were created in the first place- to preserve the ecological and historical integrity of the land within, while also making these iconic places available and accessible for all to visit and enjoy.

The American people deserve an infrastructure plan that prioritizes their health and safety over the financial gains of corporate CEOs. I urge you to block any attempts by the Trump administration to use an infrastructure bill to undermine protections for public lands and human health.
The very idea of expanding fossil fuel development on some of the nation’s most cherished and pristine public lands in order to pay for their infrastructure, flies in the face of preserving those areas to begin with.