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Snowshoeing with Defiende

Snowshoeing started thousands of years ago as an essential mode of winter transportation, and has since evolved into a popular recreational activity that is supported by Colorado’s high-altitude winter weather and amazing trail systems. If you’ve never done it before, you might ask, why go snowshoeing? Here are a few reasons: It’s great winter exercise: stay in shape even when the snow falls. Snowshoeing is an excellent low-impact aerobic exercise. It’s a great social activity: all ages and ability levels can enjoy the sport together. It’s inexpensive: snowshoeing is affordably priced. Your required gear includes snowshoes and appropriate cold weather [...]

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Packing List for Hikes Lista de empaque

Packing for an excursion into the wilderness is all about finding the balance between weight, comfort, and being prepared.  Check the weather, but be aware that Colorado weather can be unpredictable. Temperature and precipitation can change rapidly. Wilderness Workshop's guide will bring maps, a basic field guide, a "nature's calling kit"  (paper, trowel, hand sanitizer), and a group first aid kit.  Ideally, the group will stay together, but be sure you have what you need to be alright in case of an accidental separation.  The Bare Minimum... Backpack Food 2.5 liters of water Comfortable Boots or hiking shoes Rain Gear Warm [...]

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