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How to Heart Public Lands

Our public lands are something to celebrate everyday. Why? They are one of America’s greatest assets: our abundance of wild places. We’ve put together a list of ways you can engage with and help protect public lands—365 days a year. ❱ Help us pull barbed wire fencing on BLM lands at Sutey Ranch as part of our restoration project series. Left over from when the property was used for ranching, these fences prevent wildlife from moving freely and we’ll help to restore this critical piece of wildlife habitat. Register here. ❱Join us for a hike, restoration project or [...]

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Loving Your Public Lands

Our community has had a lot of heart this year. 2020 has been full of change, compassion, perseverance and let’s be honest, a lot of challenges,  here in our backyard and across the nation. Civic engagement soared with Americans voting in record numbers—Colorado had one of the highest turnout rates in the country—and marching in the streets for racial and social justice. At the same time, the pandemic nudged people outdoors, and we all had an opportunity to reconnect with nature and fall more in love with our public lands. Like all issues we care deeply about, civic engagement is critical to protecting wilderness and public lands. Public [...]

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In Brief: A Roundup of Updates in the Fight for Public Land Protection

BUCK BERLAIMONT Wilderness Workshop has long been engaged in a battle to protect critical winter wildlife habitat in the Eagle Valley from a damaging road across public lands sought by developers of the Berlaimont Estates subdivision near Edwards. The road would access a 680-acre, private inholding deep inside the forest. The developer wants to build 19 new mansions in a rural, fire-prone area, putting expensive property and people at risk due to increased fire activity from climate change. Our work has informed and activated the public and elected officials. More than 4,000 citizens signed a petition in opposition to the road. During the public comment period for the draft environmental  impact statement, 95% of comments—submitted by more [...]

In Brief: A Roundup of Updates in the Fight for Public Land Protection2020-12-16T00:31:26+00:00

#WildforGood Photo Contest Results

AND THE WINNERS ARE... Wilderness Workshop recently held a #Wildforgood photo contest. The paremeters were: a landscape in Colorado, without people or animals and with your smartphone.  Many photos rolled in.  We then had people vote on Facebook.  And, here's what they chose. FIRST PLACE Tessa Lagunas was hiking out to the Crystal Mill when she took this photograph in Gunnison County. The Glenwood Springs resident moved to Colorado seven years ago from Mexico, and recently started participating with Wilderness Workshop’s Defiende Nuestra Tierra program to learn more about public lands access in and around the [...]

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30X30 (Spanish)

TREINTA PARA EL TREINTA Salva la naturaleza. Toma acción en contra del cambio climático. Read the english version >> Proteger a la naturaleza es una pieza clave en la solución climática. En recientes evaluaciones científicas encontraron que el 30% del planeta debería estar protegido para 2030, y todo esto sería, para salvaguardar la biodiversidad en contra de la amenaza del cambio climático. Inicialmente, se estableció un ambicioso plan conocido como el “Acuerdo Global para la Naturaleza”, y estas pruebas científicas están ganando terreno en los gobiernos de todo el mundo, comprometiéndose con este [...]

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Letter: Area outdoors groups: Be smart on our public lands

Wilderness Workshop joins Colorado Wild Public Lands and several other businesses and environmental and recreation nonprofits in promoting the message of responsible recreation during this crisis.

Letter: Area outdoors groups: Be smart on our public lands2020-05-22T19:20:52+00:00

Letter: CORE Act deserves support

I agree with the PI’s editorial supporting the CORE Act. The CORE Act is the best legislation introduced for Colorado hunters in a generation. Comprising four previous bills generated over a multi-year period with bipartisan input, it permanently protects several large swaths of land that provide increasingly critical habitat for big game animals. At the same time it codifies more areas for mechanized and motorized recreationists. Population pressure is consuming more and more land that wildlife requires for its health, well-being and reproduction. The CORE Act balances the technological challenges presented by more and varied recreationists accessing the lands shared [...]

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Berlaimont opponents appeal directly to Forest Service supervisor

EAGLE COUNTY — White River National Forest Supervisor Scott Fitzwilliams is well aware that hundreds of local residents are adamantly and vocally opposed to the proposed Berlaimont development north of Edwards. But last week, he agreed to sit down with a small group of opponents who wanted to make a personal appeal. Berlaimont Estates is a 680-acre parcel of private property surrounded by U.S. Forest Service lands, located north of Edwards and west of the Berry Creek drainage. Owners Petr Lukes and Jana Sobotova have proposed 19 units and nine accessory units on 35-acre or larger parcels in the area. This [...]

Berlaimont opponents appeal directly to Forest Service supervisor2019-05-30T22:14:24+00:00
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