From the 2020 Annual Report

Thank you to our generous community of supporters, business sponsors, and partners! Donors listed gave to Wilderness Workshop in the 2020 calendar year. Please scroll down for individual donors.

Premiere Sponsors

Alpine Bank

Aspen Times

Aspen Skiing Company

True Nature Healing Arts 

Sopris Liquor and Wine

Gold Sponsors

An Aspen Affair

Garfield & Hecht

Rainy Day Designs

Reese Henry & Co.

Silver Sponsors 


Blazing Adventures 

Bristlecone Mountain Sports

Cripple Creek Backcountry


Ute Mountaineer

Bronze Sponsors 

Aria’s Loft

Bonfire Coffee

Dandelion Inn

Grassroots TV

Two Leaves and a Bud

The Village Smithy

Campaign for the Colorado Wildlands Project Supporters

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Currie and Tom Barron

Garbett Foundation

Pew Charitable Trusts

Jill Soffer and Steve Elder

Western Conservation Foundation


Anonymous (2)

George & Cynthia Mitchell Foundation

Owen McHaney and Peter Looram


$25,000 – $49,999


Currie and Tom Barron

Conservation Alliance

Jill Soffer and Steve Elder

Susan Taylor and Rob Pew

$10,000 – $24,999

Anonymous (2)

Paul Stanford Bernhard Foundation

Conservation Colorado

The Environment Foundation 

Charles Hopton, in memory of Heather Hopton

Michael McVoy and Michal Brimm

National Forest Foundation

Pitkin County Healthy Community Fund

Eaden and Deva Shantay

Terri and Rich Slivka

The New Land Foundation

United States Forest Service

West Slope Conservation Center

The Wilderness Society 

$5,000 – $9,999

Alpenglow Foundation

City of Aspen

Chelsea Congdon and James Brundige

Marcia Corbin

Ron Crotzer

Karen Degerberg

Muffy and Andy DiSabatino

Ann Harvey and Mike Campbell

Connie Harvey

Mark Harvey

Joanne Houck and Tim Singletary

Jimmy Ibbotson

Maki Foundation

Ann McAlpin and Timothy Sampsel

John and Laurie McBride

Laurie Michaels

Marcie and Robert Musser

National Wilderness Stewardship Alliance

Pew Charitable Trusts

Kate Roberts

Peter and Robin Van Domelen

$2,000 – $4,999

The Bard Fund

Mary Dominick-Coomer and Sven Coomer

Sue Edelstein and Bill Spence

Mary and Bill England, in memory of Ida May Jackson

Fred and Elli Iselin Foundation

Kristen and Wally Graham

Alison Hecht and Aron Ralston

Valerie and Mike Miller

James and Hensley Peterson

Carol Racine

Barbara Reese

Robert and Margaret McNamara Foundation

Sally Sakin and Duncan Barber

Elissa Topol and Lee Osterman

Town of Carbondale

Trinchera Blanca Foundation

Katie and Hank Van Schaack

Annie Ware

Andy Wiessner

$1,000 – $1,999

John Bailey

Karen and Chuck Benwitt

Gina Berko and David Fleisher

Annie Cooke and Steven Pfeiffer

Laurie Crown and Rick Ortega

Darlynn and Tom Fellman

Garfield County Board of County Commissioners

Janny Goss

Joanne and Tony Guerrerio, in honor of Mary Dominick-Coomer

Allyn Harvey

Teri Havens

Henry Hite

Craig and Pamela Mackey

Mike Marolt

Lynn Nichols and Jim Gilchrist

Wendy and Hank Paulson, in honor of Mary Dominick-Coomer

Marj Perry and Bill Fales

Adam and Mandy Quinton

Sara Ransford

Beth and Sloan Shoemaker, in memory of Polly and Jim Shoemaker

The Stuyvesant Bard Fund

Mandy and Andy Welgos

Nancy and Ted White

Marshall Whiting and Richard Arnold

Pamela Yurasek, in honor of Rob Benedetti

Edward Zukoski

$500 – $999

Connor and Katie Bailey

Lesandre Barley

Denali Barron and Adam McCurdy

Rob Benedetti and Maria Yurasek

Althea and Randy Brimm

Molly Brooks

Jean Campbell

Patricia Carden

Beth Cashdan and Paul D’Amato

Beth Fergus

Jeremy and Angela Foster

Jane and Dick Hart

Kristen Henry

Pat and Wayne Hogan

Ellen and Bill Hunt

Robert Koppe

Andi Korber

Ned and Tracey Lucks

Nancy Meuret

Ann Miller

Tom and Carolyn Moore

David Newberger

Meredith and Chuck Ogilby

Laurie and Robert Ostermiller

Ruth Owens

Fonda Paterson

Frank Peters and Marjory Musgrave

Ken and Emily Ransford

Lesia and John Rehl

Lee Rimel

Jacqueline Russell

Mary and Patrick Scanlan

Natali Soonthornswad

Pat Spitzmiller

David Stonington

Gretchen Straub

Sunsense, Inc

Daniel Web

Jay and Patti Webster

Emily Williams

Hugh and Mary Wise

Carolyn Workman and Kurt Wacker

$250 – $499


Bruce and Kathryn Baker

Lee Beck and John Stickney

Bruce Berger

Kathy and Andrew Berkman

Eric Berry

Mary Beth and Gregg Minion

Kathy and Bjorn Erik Borgen

Charlyn Canada

Jody and Tom Cardamone, in memory of Joy Caudill

Sally Cole

Community First Foundation

Kim Chang and Jim Condit

Jennifer Craig

Yasmine De Pagter, in memory of Jack de Pagter

Carol Duell

John Fielder

Mark Fox

Nelson Guda

Lynn and Judy Hancock

Scott Hanley

Laura Hanssen

Sue Helm

Joe Henry

Clare Bastable and Josh Hmielowski

Charles and Linda Ho

Marcee Hobbs

Janis and George Huggins, in memory of Moja and Jim Lindsey

Stephen Kanipe

Valery and Kearns Kelly

Stacy Kiely

Charlie and Betsy Liggitt

Judy and Amory Lovins

Tita and Dan McCarty

John McDermott

Bob Mcgill

Kent and Elizabeth Meager

Frosty and Carly Merriott

Elsa Mitchell

Andrew Nardecchia

Steven O’Brien

Blanca and Cavanaugh O’Leary

Karen Ortiz

Lori Potter and Eric Perryman

Missy Prudden

Jim Risser

Roaring Fork Valley Horse Council

Val and Louis Rossman, in honor of Mary Dominick-Coomer

Margaret and Will Roush

Kirk Scales

Nancy Shapiro

Hal Sundin

Karin Teague

Bob and Ruth Wade

Dan Walsh

Cynthia and Rick Wark

Fred Weitz

Gayle and Richard Wells

Dara Whitmore, in honor of Peter Hart

Jenny Zetah, in honor of Dan Becker

$100 – $249 

Anonymous (3)

Anonymous, in memory of Jack Roberts

Anne Ambler

Susie and Craig Amichaux

Bill and Lauren Anderson

J G Augustson

Lissa Ballinger

Teddy Benge

Judie Blanchard

Steve Bonowski, in honor of Clare Bastable

Emily Bordogna, in honor of Brian Porter

Betsy and Scott Bowie

Morgan Boyles

Robert and Linda Brining

Phyllis Bronson

Dan and Pam Budman

Dick and Julie Bulkeley

Jim Butchart and Angele Dupre-Butchart

Deborah Byrd

Valerie Byrnes

Judy Byrns and Joe Bergquist

Roger Candee

Helen and Roger Carlsen

Susan and Paul Carrese, in honor of Hannah Carrese

Susie Kincade and Mark Chapin

Steve and Molly Child

Nick and Jess Chimerakis

Janice Clark

Larry Cohen

James Conway

Carol Craven

Roberta Cunningham

Susan Cuseo

Barbara D’Autrechy

Don Davidson and Sandy Simpson

Donna Davis

Doris and Chuck Downey

Ann Duncan

Susan and Don Edmonds

Larry Eggers

David Ellis

Susy Ellison and Marty Schlein

Bob and Nancy Emerson

Olivia Emery

Anne Esson

Lindsay and Richard Fallon-Peterson-Cremer

Greg and Kathy Feinsinger

Jim Finch

Eleanor Finlay

John Foulkrod and Georgia Chamberlain

John Fox, in memory of Dottie Fox

Alyssa Franklin and James Ibbotson

Mark and Linda Giesecke

Valerie Gilliam and Jim Githens, in honor of Andy Githens and in memory of Joy Caudill

Randy Gold and Dawn Shepard

Anne Goldberg

Matthew Goodstein, M.D.

Thomas Gottlieb

Great old Broads for Wilderness

Helene Gude

Lindsay Gurley

William Hanks

Kay Hannah and Steve Danuff

Leelee and Bill Harriman

Sacha Hart-Logan and Michael Logan

Kathy and Bill Heicher

Casady Henry, in honor of Mark Fuller and Penny Atzet

Ann Hodges

Ruth Hollowell

Mark Howard

Kate Hudson

William Hudson

David Hyman and Barbara Reid

David and Bonnie Inouye

Christie Interlante, in memory of Linda Garland

John Isaacs

Sandy Jackson

Mirte Mallory and Philip Jeffreys

Bill Jochems

Ann Johnson

Sandra and Peter Johnson

Deborah and John Katzenberger

Gideon Kaufman

Mark and Maryanne Keating

Leslie and Sean Keery

Charles Kerr and Gudrun Rice

Carole Kirschner

Andrea Klein, in honor of Susie Kincade

Pamela Kling and Mike Rausch

Jim and Jamie Kravitz

Tom and Carol Kurt, in memory of Jack de Pagter

Kim Langmaid

Fred Lighthall*, in memory of Richard C Compton

Bill and Carol Lightstone

Soozie, Hans and Maya Lindbloom

Wendy Losasso and Jonathan Staufer

Martha Madsen

Nora Berko and Howie Mallory

Catherine Masters

Robert and Trudy Matarese

Mary Matchael

Lyra Mayfield and Charlie Stein

Tim and Donna McFlynn

Isabel Melvin

Ari Mizrahi

Karen Moculeski

Pam Moore

Sue and Greg Mozian

Barney Mulligan

Sandy, Mary Lynn and Aj Munro

Anna Naeser and Gerald Terwilliger

Bland Nesbit

Mona Newton and David Lewis

Richard Ottero

Devon Page, in honor of Will Roush

Marta Parker

Bruce Parlette

Beverly and Matt Patera

Maggie Pedersen and Bob Millette

Ronald Pickman

Julie Pickrell Comins and Greg Comins, in memory of Miles Congdon Brundige

Ken and Bonnie Pletcher

Susan Proctor

Irma Prodinger

Bob Purvis

Glenn Randall

Elaine Raszkowski, in honor of Eric and Shasta Raszkowski

Cody Ratledge, in honor of Big Will Ratledge

Eric Rechel

Ron Reed

M C Reveal

Noelle Rohde

Tom and Katie Rubel

Elexa Ruth, in honor of Emily Kay

Danielle Sandstedt, in honor of

Guthrie and Freya Roush

Marius and Clare Sanger

Sumner Schachter and Michele Diamond

Beth Schaefer

Sherry Schenk

David Schlendorf

Mary Schmidt

Kari Schoonhoven

David Scruggs, in honor of Charles Hopton

Carolyn and Dick Shohet

Michael Shook

Chris and Duane Shugart

Roger and Elizabeth Shugart

Mike and Margaret Simmons

Jon Spar

Ron and Lisa Speaker

John Starr

Sandy and Stephen Stay

Jeff Steck

Roberta Stokes

Danny Stone

David and Geni Swersky

Kathy Sydoryk

Dale Taylor

Dr. Diana Tomback

Nicolette Toussaint and Mason Ingram

Karen Trom

Hank Van Berlo and Shelle de Beque

Lois Veltus

Linda Vidal

Landon Vigil

Jeff Wadley

Howard Wallach

Craig and Becky Ward

Tom and Donna Ward

George Wear

Douglas Wheat

Lara and Marc Whitley

Pierre and Beth Wille

Dexter Williams

Ken and Lori Williams

Sonja Winfield

Dee Wisor

Ron and Mary Wolff

Eileen and Glenn Wysocki

Toni Zurcher

$1 – $99

Anonymous (4)

Nancy Alexander

Paul Anderen and Lu Krueger Andersen

Jorge Andromidas

Alan Apt

Mary Ballou

Karen Batista

Carol Bayens

Daniel Benavent

Bruce Benjamin

Bryann Benton

Bill and Joan Betz

Jeff and Janette Bier

Robert and Diana Blaschak

Liz and John Bokram

Judy Botinovich, in memory of John Kelley

Scott Braden

Eric and Patty Brendlinger

Richard Brooks

Barb and Lindsay Brown

Debra and Raleigh Burleigh

Molly Butler

Nancy Caponi and Robert Adams, in memory of Libby Thurman

Michele and Jim Cardamone

Brian Carpenter

Lee Cassin

Trish Chew, in honor of Beatriz Soto

Kelly Christensen

Jane Click

Sarah Coburn

Nancy and Cliff Colia

Christine Benedetti and David Cook

Seth Cothrun, in memory of Patsy Batcheldor

Russ and Linda Criswell, in memory of Skyre Criswell

Jeanette Darnauer Merritt

Jeff Davlyn

Richard de Campo

Kim DeFries

Kay Delanoy

Martha Dick

Andrew Dougherty

Mary Dybicz

Susan Emenaker

Sally Faison

Katie Fales

Donna Fisher and Skip Behrhorst

Renee Fleisher and Greg Smith

Rosa Foth

Greer and Bruce Fox

Susan Frazee, in memory of Spencer Swanger

Mark Fuller

Sara Garton

Lydia Garvey

Martin Gerra

Jon Gibans

Margot Graham

Donna and Bernard Grauer

Leslie Gray

Cheri Grinnell

Marty Ames and Steve Hach

Mary Lou Haflinger

Catherine Hagen

Kay Hagman

Shelley Hall

Mary Jo Kimbrough and Jim Harrison

Crystal Hartman

Terri Hatterick and William Lester

Robin Haugland

Bryce Hayes, in memory of Dale Brabec

Jamin and Caitlin Heady-Smith

Kendall Henry

Rick and Sherry Herrington

Cindy Higby

David and Annaday Hiser

Heidi Hoffmann Griffiths and Tom Griffiths

Albert Honican

Michael Hurst

Mary Ann Inouye

Julie and Bill Isaacson

Wayne Ives

Art and Suez Jacobson

Jan Jennings, in honor of Lynn Urban and in memory of Richard M. Jennings

George Johnson

Elise Jones

Suzanne and Elise Jones

Susan Kaemmerlen

Jackie Kasabach

John Kay, in memory of L William Kay II

Ann Keller

Viva Kellogg

Caitlin Kinney, in memory of Dottie Fox

Nicole Kinsler

Jason and Aimee Kishell

Jerry and Sandy Kucharczyk

Les and Howie Kuhn

Trary LaMee

Patricia Langmaid

Brad and Laurel Larson

Howard Leavitt

Bruce Lemire

Cynthia Lepthien

Geoffrey Lester

Francine and Tag Liebel

Erica Lindemann

Denise Lock

Laurel Loeb

Valerie MacDonald

Rachel Marble and Kevin White

Julia Marshall

Joan Matranga

Margaret Mayer

Brendan McCarthy

Tracy McCurdy

Mary McCutchan

Jake McGavock

Thomas Mcgill

Matthew McKenna and Nancy Fitzpatrick McKenna

Michael Melneck

Suzy Meredith-Orr

Shiloh Merriott

Phebe Meyers

Martha Beery Milbery and Kevin Milbery

Erik Molvar

Chris Moore

Jennifer Moore

Wick Moses

Carol Mullikin

Virginia and Rick Newton

Lisa Niermann

Tom Oken and Janie Lowe

Elise Osenga, in honor of Tina Blakely

Ginny Parker

Tyler Pasterski

Julie and Tom Paxton

Mark Pearson

Fred and Sandra Peirce

Elizabeth Penfield

Nancy Peterson

Zuleika Pevec and Dave Kodama, in honor of Hosa Kodama

Ayana Pevec-Brown and Seth Brown

Don Potter

Susan Powers

Lee Pruitt

Dawn Randolph

Kendall Reiley, in honor of Laura Armstrong and Josh Anderson

Debbie Rice

Dan and Holly Richardson

Wilda Jean Richmond

Donna and Ken Riley

Annette Roberts Gray

Polly Ross

Joanne and Richard Rubinoff

Janet Rutigliano

Heather and Greg Rydell

Fallon Santander

Jill and Michael Scher

Rebecca Schild and Chris Barlow

Bruce Schober

Judith Schramm

Harmony Scott

Patrick Seydel and Susan Cashel

Christine Shaver

Barbara Shaw

Bob Shettel

Marty Silverstein

Steve Skadron

David Skirkanich

Jean Smith

Katie Soden

Eric and Bari Stahl

John and Carol Stansfield

Pamela Stenmark

Karn Stiegelmeier

Amy Stokka and Greg Sauer

Jim Stone

Timothy Stubbs

Karla Stukey

Ned Sullivan

Edward Swanick

Lynn Tanno

Rein and Jan Van West, in memory of Laura and Sandy Sanborn

Lisa Waldman and Tom Stiles

Peter Waller

Deborah Webster and Steve Blanchard

Austin Weiss

Polly Whitcomb, in honor of Philippa Whitcomb

Jason White and Emily Steers-White

Beka Whitson

Julie and Andre Wille

Dana Wilson

Lee Wilson

Marion, Jean and Hayden Winkler

Jim Woolaway

Nancy Working

Aimee and Luis Yllanes

Brad Yule