From the 2020 Annual Report

Thank you for reading Wilderness Workshop’s 2020 Annual Report—our first ever! Amidst all the work at hand to protect public lands we thought it important to take a moment to celebrate our achievements over the past year, thank our wonderful members and donors, and look towards the future. 

It’s tough to talk about 2020 without mentioning the far-reaching impacts of the pandemic, which had our staff working from home, modifying our events to ensure social distancing, and spending waaay too much time on Zoom. We’re very grateful for the many front-line organizations who have been responding to the pandemic and our hearts go out to all who were, and continue to be, impacted by COVID. As we reflect on all the accomplishments at Wilderness Workshop in 2020 – despite the pandemic and uphill battles with the prior administration – both of us are tremendously proud of our staff and grateful to all who support the organization.

As you’ll see in the report, we won important legal fights and fought back against ecologically damaging developments across western Colorado. Our Defiende Nuestra Tierra program grew exponentially. Our staff and volunteers led hikes into threatened landscapes and facilitated restoration projects. We advanced legislation and ran our first voter engagement campaign. Despite the cancelation of our largest fundraiser, donors remained engaged and informed. We conceived of and launched the Colorado Wildlands Project. Several new staff members joined the team. And so much more! 

During the final year of the Trump administration, with their ‘energy dominance’ policy in full force we held the line and stopped new oil and gas leases in our neck of the woods. Wilderness Workshop played an outsized role in state and national coalitions to protect the public’s right to have a say on how our public lands are managed. Efforts to undo the damage from the past four years are already underway, but it will take a lot of work and won’t happen overnight. 

Thank you for supporting us during this incredibly challenging year and being part of our community. If 2020 was about holding the line, 2021 is about taking advantage of new opportunities. Wilderness Workshop is stepping up to with energy and optimism.  We look forward to engaging and informing you about the successes we achieve in 2021.


Allyn Harvey, Board President &
Will Roush, Executive Director