Target: Representative Scott Tipton

Action: Call Representative Tipton at (970) 241-2499 (Grand Junction) or (202) 225-4761 (D.C.) and tell him to VOTE NO on the House Farm Bill (H.R. 2).

Key Messages:

I am calling to urge Representative Tipton to vote “no” on the House Farm Bill as currently drafted. Provisions in the bill threaten our national forests and undermine bedrock environmental protections. It is not what most Coloradans, or Mr. Tipton’s constituents, want for their public lands.

The House Farm Bill includes several provisions that would decrease public input and environmental review on forestry projects up to 6,000 acres. Eliminating public input is not an equitable way to decide what happens on shared public lands that belong to all citizens.

The bill promotes logging over other uses of public lands and creates backward incentives that would shift emphasis and funding from environmental restoration to timber production.

The one-sided federal forestry provisions in the House farm bill run contrary to the recently enacted omnibus appropriations bill which included a bipartisan wildfire funding agreement. This bill threatens to renege on the bipartisan wildfire budget deal with dangerous proposals that would severely weaken protections for our national forests.